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I just bought headlamps for my car.

Once upon a time, I paid people to replace the headlamps in my car. I thought it was difficult, or that they needed to be recalibrated every time they were replaced – aimed or something, I don’t know.

Until one time I was up visiting my dad. This was probably within the last year or two, after his first chemo treatment took his manual dexterity and left him with neuropathy in his hands and feet. (If you talked to dad during his last few years, you certainly heard about his neuropathy.)

Dad asked me to replace the headlamps in his car, a GMC Yukon Denali. In my mind, I recall it being fall, although it could have been spring, but whatever season it was, it was a little cold. He was wearing black fleece gloves. He wouldn’t have been able to maneuver the twists and turns needed to free the headlight from its place, loosen the latch holding the bulb in place, unplug the bulb from its socket, replace it, and reassemble the whole thing. He asked me to help him. He asked me to do the work with my hands, the work he could no longer do with his.

He walked me through what I needed to do, how it all came apart. I’ve worked on lots of little mechanical things as a computer repair person, so this was pretty easy, as car repairs go. Not difficult at all.

We got the bulbs replaced and I got to help my dad. He may not have known, but he helped me as well. He helped me become a little more self-sufficient. (Believe me, I still need help in that department. Story for another time, though.)

I’ve replaced my headlamps once before, I think, since the time that I did that for him, with him. I noticed the other day, though, that I had a headlamp out. Today on my way in to work, I needed to stop & use a restroom. I chose to stop at a Sam’s Club, and there was a Pep Boys auto center right next door. I popped in and bought some replacement headlamps for my car. So I can replace them. Because I know how.

Because my dad taught me.

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